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webmaster 10.04.11 5:17:37 am - permalink -
  A message to myself... hey there!

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Neil Stephenson visits Google HQ, discusses his Books - 10.29.09 4:32:55 pm
Snow Crash author discusses his newest book @ Google HQ. Lecture as part of the Authors@google series. Talks about his "interesting" endings. Anyone who's r...
Francisco d'Anconia: Is Money the Root of all Evil? - 10.08.11 4:28:03 pm
Francisco d'Anconia's Money Speech in Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged."
Restored METROPOLIS is now AWESOME - 5.18.10 1:46:24 pm
For the first time since its debut in 1927, a two-hour-and-27-minute version of Fritz Lang's masterwork — a version that includes 25 minutes of previously lost foota...
Steve Jobs, 1955-2011: Technology's Great Reinventor - 10.05.11 5:37:48 pm
Steve Jobs wasn't a computer scientist. He had no training as a hardware engineer or an industrial designer. The businesses that Apple entered under his leadership —...
Richard Wagner - Der Ring des Nibelungen - 5.16.15 10:21:40 am
Der Ring des Nibelungen
Ridley Scott: Fox Searchlab Lectures - 3.26.15 10:55:07 am
Legendary director Ridley Scott's Fox Searchlab Lectures: Sir Ridley talks about his career, technique, and inspirations among many other insightful a...
Filmmaker: A Diary by George Lucas (1968) - 3.21.15 3:26:14 pm
George Lucas was granted access to Francis Ford Coppola's making of "The Rain People", which allowed him to document in this movie the filmmaking process of a long s...
Alfred Hitchcock 1976 Interview - A Filmmaking Master Class - 3.21.15 3:14:53 pm
In this 96-MINUTE interview with Alfred Hitchcock from a 1976 press conference for his last film 'The Family Plot,' film legend Hitchcock responds to a range of seri...
Alfred Hitchcock BBC Documentary: Reputations - 3.21.15 3:04:13 pm
This BBC documentary was broadcast in two parts in 1999, and focuses on the important parts of Hitchcock's career. Part 1 begins with his early life and work...
Mark Duplass | SXSW Live 2015 | SXSW ON - 3.21.15 8:44:30 am
Mark Duplass, a director, actor, writer, and producer, discusses the migration of filmmakers to television, to the emergence of VOD and its impact on micro-budget fi...
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2001: A Space Odyssey - Film Soundtrack - 11.21.14 8:10:12 pm
The awesome soundtrack for Kubrick´s masterpiece is here... Yay!
Peter Thiel at Stanford talks 'Zero to One' - 11.08.14 3:14:13 pm
Published on Oct 3, 2014 Venture capitalist Peter Thiel, JD '92, founded PayPal and was the first major investor in Facebook, shared business tips from his ne...
No Need to Argue - The Cranberries - 10.16.14 10:10:46 am
The Cranberries are an Irish rock band who formed in Limerick in 1990. The band consists of vocalist Dolores O'Riordan, guitarist Noel Hogan, bassist Mike Hogan and ...
Br ost - 9.23.14 4:55:10 pm
Blade Runner Soundtrack. The only music that takes me to dreamland, every single time. Good Night.
24 Live another day poster - 8.27.14 3:01:52 pm
The Bauer Power Hour was back this summer, albeit half of it, but is was great. It was like seeing old friends again,, very enjoyable, the show was in top form... I...
Akira Action Figure - 8.26.14 2:45:43 pm
Relive all the drama: Tetsuo! Akira! Tetsuo! Akira! (ad nauseam... yes! but how awesome is this movie! How awesome is that red bike!)
Darth Plagueis the Wise Novel - 8.26.14 6:24:21 am
The dark side of the force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural! and here is his story, via a youtube audiobook...
YouTube Playlists - 8.26.14 5:58:00 am
movie playlists, and more to come is this working? switching object flash video to iframe has been a nightmare.
Comic-Con 2010 Joss Whedon & J. J. Abrams Panel - 5.04.14 1:13:44 pm
Joss Whedon & J.J. Abrams talk to fans at Comic-Con 2010. Joss Whedon is also known as god of the nerds, having created Firefly and Serenity, Buffy,...
Daft Punk Adidas Star Wars Cantina Commercial, 2010 - 5.04.14 12:46:09 pm
Ridiculously entertaining, special effects-laden 2010 Adidas commercial, great use of Forrest Gump-style VFX. Thanks for ruining the greatest scene in cinem...
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 webmaster 8.20.11 5:11:21 pm - permalink
  The ending of the clip is EPIC: "And guess what, Paul, if you get video of Sarah Palin, or a soundbite, bring that back to us (at CNN), you can hold the Ron Paul Stuff! Heh heh heh!" REALLY CNN???? Where is your damn integrity!!! Your ratings suck as much as your IDIOT reporters!!!
 webmaster 7.08.11 6:57:22 pm - permalink
  Ever seen the movie "Moon" starring Sam Rockwell and directed by David Bowie's son Duncan Jones ( http://twitter.com/manmademoon - http://blog.manmademovies.co.uk ) ???
It depicts a near future where a corporation is already mining the Moon. Interesting how the scifi aspect of OFFWORLD mining, also mentioned in the scifi film BLADE RUNNER, will no longer be fiction, but boring, eventual reality, its science being a means to an end, trampled by economics, ruled by politics (or viceversa, trampled by politics, ruled by economics)...
 webmaster 6.21.11 6:19:27 am - permalink
  Now THAT is amazing! I wonder if there is a computer graphics program out there that will sketch out patterns based on these frequencies the way a scientific calculator draws triangles and cosine waves... come to think of it, I wonder if there is an iPhone App for that?
 webmaster 10.22.09 5:44:34 pm - permalink
  Cool movie, creepy ending.
 webmaster 8.09.09 6:40:39 am - permalink
  What is astonishing about this claim is that Arthur C. Clarke did believe it. Now, I don't know if these glass worms are in fact living entities, but I included in the related links section, an article from Bad Astronomy that explains that it may be an optical illusion, a face-of-mars syndrome if you will. The photos linked to the above article show what looks to be convex valleys, bulging outwards, yet if you turn the pictures upside down they could be concave furrows, curving inwards, perhaps the result of erosion and running water long gone from the red planet. What do you guys think?

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Cosmos by Carl Sagan - 10.28.09 4:43:25 pm
Carl Sagan's Cosmos. "The cosmos is all that is or ever was or ever will be." "Our contemplations of the cosmos stir us." "There is a tingling i...
1 hour interview with Dov SS Simens at thestream.tv - 10.28.09 4:42:30 pm
From TheStream.tv: " Dov S-S Simens, who includes Quentin Tarantino, and Chris Nolan among his many famous past students, talks and entertains us tonight abou...
Star Wars The Old Republic Video Game Cinematic HD Trailer - 10.28.09 4:34:04 pm
Can the animators of this trailer give us Star Wars VII, VIII, and IX, for the love of YODA!!! This trailer is sincerely awesome. There are parts that remind...
Neuromancer at 25: What It Got Right, What It Got Wrong - 10.28.09 4:33:43 pm
The tantalizing question about William Gibson’s ideas in his novel Neuromancer involves their relationship with the course that the Web took and continues to take as...
Guns n Roses Terminator 2 Judgement Day Music Video - 10.16.09 6:26:14 pm
Hasta la vista, Baby! The Terminator says that Axl is a waste of ammo. This was my all time favorite song and music video.

Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking and Arthur C. Clarke Interview - 9.05.14 3:10:21 pm
Stephen Hawking, Arthur C. Clarke and Carl Sagan (via satellite) discuss the Big Bang theory, God, our existence as well as the possibility of extraterrestrial life.
[ 009 RE:CYBORG ] - 5.04.14 10:33:48 am
Shotaro Ishinomori's seminal Cyborg 009 featured a team of people, kidnapped from across the globe for human experimentation, who escape and turn their new super po...
Mark Hamill & Harrison Ford on Today 1980 part 1 - 3.12.14 10:23:50 am
Luke Skywalker and Han Solo interviewed in 1980, a week before Empire Strikes Back arrived on Earth.
Isaac Asimov - Visions of the Future (1992) - 10.26.11 3:48:40 pm
Asimov documentary about new scientific breakthroughs, and the upcoming future...
2011 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: The Theory of Everything - 10.26.11 3:48:11 pm
Can the entire universe be explained with a single, unifying theory? This is perhaps the most fundamental question in all of science, and it may also be the most con...
Interview with Isaac Asimov - 10.26.11 3:48:10 pm
Interview with the great Issac Asimov, author of about 500 books, including the Foundation Trilogy, creator of the Three Laws of Robotics.
Steven Levy, author of THE PLEX, a look inside Google - 10.26.11 3:47:52 pm
Steven Levy, senior writer for Wired magazine, talks about how Google operates and the impact it has had. Levy was given full access to the company for two years and...
Authors@Google: Steven Levy, author of IN THE PLEX - 10.26.11 3:47:51 pm
Steven Levy spoke to Googlers in Mountain View on April 19, 2011 about his new book In the Plex: How Google Thinks, Works, and Shapes Our Lives. Steven Levy is in co...
1978 Boba Fett Star Wars Cartoon from the Christmas Special - 10.26.11 3:47:50 pm
Long-lost Boba Fett cartoon, part of the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special that aired only once, never to see the light of day again.. (except on the internet...) t...
STEVEN SPIELBERG - BBC TV - FILM COMMENT - 1984 - 10.26.11 3:47:25 pm
A great interview with Spielberg around the time that Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was released. From the BBC in parternership with PBS.
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Visions of Independence at 2015 Sundance Film Festival - 1.24.16 7:09:12 pm
- kronosith George Lucas and Robert Redford —two iconic filmmakers who epitomize the spirit of independence in American cinema— join the Art of Film Weekend, a program celebrati...
THX 1138 - Audio Commentary by George Lucas & Walter Murch - 1.23.16 11:42:13 am
- kronosith 2004 DVD Audio Commentary with George Lucas & Walter Murch
The Making of THX 1138 - 1.23.16 11:22:12 am
- kronosith Documentary about the making of George Lucas' first film, THX 1138, released in 1971. This Documentary was a bonus feature found in the film's 2004 DVD release.
Electronic Labyrinth THX 1138 4EB - 1.23.16 11:10:30 am
- kronosith A 1967 science fiction short film written and directed by George Lucas while he attended the University of Southern California's film school. The short was reworked ...
THX 1138: A Look Back - 1.23.16 10:52:38 am
- kronosith It seems paradoxical that THX 1138 should still be such a little known film given Lucas’s later success and fame, but in fact the earlier movie has been completely o...
THX 1138 - Original 1971 Trailer - 1.23.16 10:14:52 am
- kronosith Set in the 25th century, the story centers around a man and a woman who rebel against their rigidly controlled society. Written and Directed by George...
Nirvana - Heart-Shaped Box 999 - 8.17.14 2:15:48 pm
- kronosith She eyes me like a Pisces when I am weak I've been locked inside your heart-shaped box for weeks I've been drawn into your magnet tar-pit trap I...
Nirvana- Live at Reading 1992 - Full Concert - 8.17.14 9:23:00 am
- kronosith Nirvana concert, 1992, in England, Reading... You are welcome!
Christopher Nolan's Letter on the Future of Cinema - 7.09.14 3:27:33 am
- kronosith Films of the Future Will Still Draw People to Theaters By Christopher Nolan In the '90s, newly accessible video technology gave adventurous fil...
submitting images to engine - 7.09.14 3:13:36 am
- kronosith are these the droids you are looking for?
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- vinaccia 9.13.11 8:23:34 am - permalink
  This is great. I really love the journalism on Natural News. I myself choose to eat all organic foods and like a lot of other consumers there is a move away from unhealthy coca cola towards more health conscious alternatives. This is unfortunately a ploy to entice a new market of consumers while relatively offering nothing more than fancy labeling and advertising.
- vinaccia 5.31.11 4:27:09 am - permalink
  I've rented and watched every episode of Sagan's "Cosmos", I loved them all. Carl Sagan is the man!
- kronosith 11.24.10 6:20:47 pm - permalink
  Hello World!!!


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